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This first version of the Control Systems Solutions (CSS) business plan is created for the purposes of stating the guiding goals and principles of the company, and for providing potential stakeholders and investors with information regarding the entity. The businesses legal status was created with the Secretary of the State of Texas during May 2009. In its initial stages Control Systems Solutions, Inc. has made a legal and valid election to be taxed under Subchapter S of Chapter 1 of the Internal Revenue Code, and is therefore designated as an S-Corporation.

CSS is the concept and endeavor of its owner and general manager Bernard A. Aleem. After thirty-three years of service and early retirement from Honeywell, where he was highly and successfully involved in many aspects of their control systems business, CSS was the natural continuation in the owner’s quest to provide excellent and exceptional client care and employee satisfaction. Bernard and CSS has set out on their path towards success surrounded by a group of highly talented, professional and highly motivated key persons who have the education, knowledge, and experience needed to help make the business successful; and CSS management knows it must continue this same trend as the company grows. A major goal of CSS is to create jobs and share proceeds generously, and in doing so attract and keep very talented Associates.

Some important values this business is leveraging are; CSS understands the importance for a small business to, within reason, have the professional features of larger companies, and we keep this importance in high priority. CSS invests time and money in management, accounting resources, planning, and back-office support resources and features. Networking and partnering with the right people is extremely important in the success of almost any company, so CSS continually seeks important relationships; such as banking, insurance, prime contractor, subcontractor and vendor company relations. This is a business ideology that CSS intends to never abandon. Although CSS relies foremost on its product’s attractiveness and its Associates keen skill levels to satisfy and retain its clients as the most important means towards success, we appreciate and leverage our status as a disadvantage business in order to get quick access to clients and work that otherwise might happen at a much slower pace. CSS is in process of obtaining key local, federal government, and larger contractor certifications, to leverage these credentials for resources and support, and this is a technique we intend to employ until our growth yields a status beyond disadvantaged. CSS understands the importance of training for skills maintenance and improvements, so we engage in as many training opportunities as practical and feasible. We consider training dollars to be well spent investments.  We have identified our competitors and what we must do (besides being the best!) to set our company apart. One mark of distinction is our ability to identify, appreciate, and rise to the leading edge. CSS encourages its Associates to become certified in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) as experts in green building technology. We know the social and environmental benefits of building “green”, and we intend to do our part in this benevolent, not to mention potentially profitable, endeavor. Although it is not required, CSS key members are in process of becoming licensed in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC).

We believe this higher degree knowledge of HVAC technology will set CSS apart from other controls companies. We are one of the few companies in our market that is capable of supporting both Automatic Controls and Process Control system; therefore, opening the opportunity for CSS to provide a total solution to client’s control system needs. We think this advantage is huge now, but even more so when the future yields more importance on enterprise systems. We aim for our appreciation for safety in the workplace to be at least outstanding. In its goal to have zero accidents or incidents CSS has developed, and will continuously improve upon, elaborate but easy to implement safety plans that incorporate best practice reporting systems that identifies and includes every near miss. These near misses become the topic of frequent group safety meetings and individual Associate conferences. CSS will never abandon or even fall slack in its obligation to foster safe and healthy workplaces. To the CSS key members there is a difference between doing a job and doing a job right. Completing each job on schedule and on budget is an obligation we’ve bound ourselves to for the sake of success; but above and beyond that CSS strives for perfection in craftsmanship. We hope our stakeholders and competitors will learn this character of our company as we all strive in the race to success.